"My wife and I spent more than 25 hours underwater last week during our vacation in the Bahamas.  Thanks for a sturdy, reliable unit; small enough to take with us on trips like this."

    "We have two kids and a small 23' sail boat on which we do a lot of weekending.  Our kids spend much of their time on the lake bottom exploring and 'crittering'.  The unit is quiet and has served us well."

    "This Super Snorkel is fantastic!  I've saved a fortune in doing my own hull cleaning and underwater maintenance.  Now my neighbors keep wanting to borrow my compressor for their boats."

    "We just got back from a two week trip to the Baha Peninsula and the Gulf of California.  We dove almost 30 hours and enjoyed every minute of it!  Thanks for a well thought-out and reliable machine."

    "I sure do enjoy my Super Snorkel.  I certainly appreciate your prompt spare parts shipment when I needed them fast!" (A motorcycle fell over on his unit.)

    "Your dedication to quality and willingness to stand behind your product is indeed impressive.  I highly recommend the Super Snorkel."

    "After using your Super Snorkel for the first day in my swimming pool maintenance company, I don't see how I lasted using scuba tanks.  The light weight portability is literally incredible."

    "My family and I spent the last two weeks in the Grenadines.  We used the Super Snorkel over 40 hours during that time at depths ranging down to 60 feet.  We used a little over 5 gallons of gasoline at a cost of $6.00.  We would have required 100 tanks of air to do that much diving, and the logistics problem associated with getting that many air fills would have been prohibitive.  The Super Snorkel is our most important piece of dive gear."

    "We are now using the Super Snorkel for cleaning and repairing boat hull bottoms.  By eliminating the air tank hassles, we've almost doubled our productivity."

    "Just got back from a three week diving vacation in Mexico.  I feel that our Super Snorkel is worth twice what we paid for it."

    "My underwater photography business would be almost impossible without the Super Snorkel.  Thanks for a very dependable and indispensable product."

    "Boy, you were right! - the Super Snorkel is easy to use - there is no detectable drag and the hoses do float straight up out of the way.  Man, this is hassle free diving at its best!"

    "I've bought a lot of "toys" in my life --- The Super Snorkel has given me and my entire family the most enjoyment."

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SS-I Briggs 2 divers to 30' maximum / 1 diver to 50' max.
DD1H4.0XL OUR MOST POPULAR MODEL:  2 divers to 70' max / 1 diver to 100' max.
DD2H5.5 2 divers to 90' maximum / 4 diver to 60' max.
SS-E 110volt 2 divers to 25' maximum / 1 diver to 45' max.
LP Extension 40' & 60' hoses (custom upon request)
Storage Case Keeps bugs and dirt out during storage
Care & Maintenance Tips on extending the life expectancy of your equipment
Common Questions Answers to commonly asked questions.
Testimonials A few testimonials from current Super Snorkel customers
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