First understand that saltwater is corrosive to almost anything in varying degrees.

We very strongly urge the use of rust inhibiting sprays.  They will extend the life of your equipment tremendously.  Most importantly they will extend the reliability.  The rust inhibitor we use and sell (on the order form) is LPS-3.  We prefer this brand for the following reasons: we have many years of experience with it; it is FDA approved for use in meat and poultry packing plants; and it will not attack plastics, rubber, or paints.  There are others on the market that should work equally well such as: CRC 666 or CRC 656; BOESHIELD T-9; and CORROSION BLOCK.  Many people ask about WD-40 (readily available) which rinses off as soon as it gets wet.  Our customers using WD-40 pretty much use it to rinse off the salt water after EVERY dive.  The sprays we use and recommend don't wash off readily and would only need reapplication about once to three times a year.

The initial spray coating of rust inhibitor on a Super Snorkel should be applied when it is brand new out of the box (never been wet).  Then depending upon your usage you might reapply the spray once a year to three or four times per year.  

After use in salt water the engine and compressor should be gently rinsed down with fresh water (not a blasting type spray).  This is to wash off the salt residues.  Next, and the MOST IMPORTANT of all, the engine should be started and run for 10 to 15 minutes (with the air intake mast on the compressor so that it can breath properly).  Running the unit is to warm it up internally and help dry the moisture out of it before storage.  Basically remember Do Not Put the Super Snorkel away WET!  

If you plan to store the unit for an extended period of time.  You should pour out the gasoline.  Then run the engine until it quits to empty the carburetor.  This is to keep the gas from going bad and gumming up the carburetor.

The hoses and regulators should be rinsed along with your other dive gear.  Then allowed to dry thoroughly before storage.  If water has gotten into a hose or regulator they can be flushed internally.  The internal water can then be blown out with the compressor before storage.  

Store the hoses, regulators, and float tube in a cool dark location away from sunlight and petroleum vapors (gasoline fumes).


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SS-E 110volt 2 divers to 25' maximum / 1 diver to 45' max.
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