Get that tank off your back ! - Leave it on the surface !
  • Inserts between the 1st and 2nd stage regulators allowing the SCUBA tank to be left on the surface.
  • Includes stainless steel ring on hose and weight belt clip for attaching hose to waist.
  • Adapter fittings are standard 3/8-24 thread for 1st and 2nd stage regulators.
  • Regulators are NOT INCLUDED ! 
  • Extremely popular among Kayak divers.

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SS-I Briggs 2 divers to 30' maximum / 1 diver to 50' max.
DD1H4.0XL OUR MOST POPULAR MODEL:  2 divers to 70' max / 1 diver to 100' max.
DD2H5.5 2 divers to 90' maximum / 4 diver to 60' max.
SS-E 110volt 2 divers to 25' maximum / 1 diver to 45' max.
LP Extension 40' & 60' hoses (custom upon request)
Storage Case Keeps bugs and dirt out during storage
Care & Maintenance Tips on extending the life expectancy of your equipment
Common Questions Answers to commonly asked questions.
Testimonials A few testimonials from current Super Snorkel customers
Warranty Warranties & Policies 

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